14 memorable things to do with your child before he turns one

Having a baby is a special and unforgettable experience, and there are many memorable things you can do with your child before they turn one. Here are fifteen ideas to consider:

  1. Document their growth. Take regular photos or make a time-lapse video of your child’s growth to look back on in the future.
  2. Create a memory book. Create a memory book or scrapbook to document special moments and milestones, such as their first smile, first steps, and first words.
  3. Go on a babymoon. Consider going on a special trip or vacation together, just the two of you, before your child turns one. This can be a great opportunity to relax and bond together.
  4. Attend a baby class. Sign up for a baby class, such as music class, swim class, or mom and baby yoga, to spend quality time together and learn new things.
  5. Host a baby shower. Invite friends and family over for a special baby shower to celebrate your child’s first year of life.
  6. Take a family walk. Go for a walk or hike as a family, and enjoy the scenery and fresh air together.
  7. Have a professional photo shoot. Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture special memories with your child.
  8. Go on a picnic. Pack a lunch and head to a local park or beach for a picnic together.
  9. Visit a children’s museum. Take your child to a local children’s museum to explore and learn together.
  10. Have a playdate. Invite other families with young children over for a playdate, and spend the afternoon playing and socializing together.
  11. Go to a children’s concert. Attend a children’s concert or live music performance together and introduce your child to the joys of music.
  12. Visit a local farm. Take a trip to a local farm and let your child experience animals and nature up close.
  13. Go to a pumpkin patch. Head to a local pumpkin patch and let your child explore and pick out a special pumpkin.
  14. Go apple picking. Take a trip to an apple orchard and pick apples together as a family.