Iranian drones – the shunt has become the Russian ace in the battles in Ukraine

Iranian drones - the shunt has become the Russian ace in the battles in Ukraine

The Washington Post reports that the Russians are unhappy with the drones they bought because of “flaws” during testing. The latest information claims that Shahid-136 type drones are a new threat to the Ukrainian military.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in recent days, Iranian drones have been used in several intensive airstrikes in the Kharkiv region, inflicting heavy blows on Ukrainians.

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Drones are small and fly at low altitudes, making them difficult to spot. They usually intervened in pairs. One is aimed at a radar system, the other is directly aimed at vehicles, guns or designated positions, confirmed Colonel Rodion Kulagin, commander of the 92nd Mechanized Brigade. The British Ministry of Defense has already indicated that the Shahid-136 type drones have a range of 2,500 kilometers.

Russia was duped by faulty Iranian drones into collusion, Americans have revealed


According to military expert Scott Crino, founder of Red Six Solutions, Iran’s drones are a strong counter to the HIMARS missile system that the US has supplied to Ukraine.

Due to the size of the battlefield, it is difficult for the Ukrainians to defend themselves against a combat drone. “Once the Shahid-136 is focused on a target, it is very difficult to stop it,” Crino says, adding: “The presence of these drones definitely changes Kiev’s operational plans.”

Moscow has so far used the drones for tactical strikes near the front lines, rather than destroying strategic targets deep inside Ukrainian territory, the experts added. Currently, they should primarily be used in the Kharkiv region.

Kulagin confirmed that three self-propelled howitzers and two armored personnel carriers were heavily hit and destroyed by drones in his area of ​​operations alone.

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