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It’s only been two years since KTM introduced its beefed-up version of the mid-range Adventure model, so when from 790 to 890 after two years. Back then, it was mainly about a bigger engine with modified characteristics that better correspond to an off-road touring motorcycle, plus you got some small things in technology and electronics, however, the appearance remained the same except for the graphics. And that one controversial design perhaps the question that took customers away from this amazing bike was more than the technical quality of the competition.

The original 790 Adventure/R models and the two years younger 890 Adventure. You couldn’t tell the difference from the outside

Now the cat has introduced the next generation, perhaps more like version 2.1, in computing terms. The basis is still the same, this time it didn’t even extend to the engine, but the attractiveness was worked on. The customer is invited high-end electronicsthat will give him satisfaction when he sits behind the handlebars, and on look different, which he enjoys whenever he gets off the bike and just looks at it. Actually, it was very simple, it was enough to connect the front light “torn off” to the tank with one piece of plastic and it’s done. Of course, Kátéemka wraps it up in words about it inspiration from the special 450 Rally competition and improve aerodynamics and ergonomics (of course, it’s not just an additional piece of plastic, but completely new sides, the tank should also be different, etc.), which I believe will be true, but I don’t think it is that’s the basic level. purpose.

It seems a little strange to me to say that the new Plexiglas is lower, on the contrary, it seems a little higher, but it can distort, because the muzzle is handled a little differently, when the plexiglass wraps all the light instead of directly above it. The engine guard has also been changed, it is now extended all the way to the sides, and overall the novelty may have an optical effect a more powerful understanding (which brings it closer to the larger 1290), but to me the new design is clearly better than the existing one. The resolution graphics also do their job in-model technology, not stickers. After that, a novice cannot help but notice that the tires have also changed, in the initial production Advik R will be getting the notorious Mitasky E-07, in the version + Enduro Trail. What you won’t recognize at a glance, but you should while driving, is the different tuning of the adjustable WP Xplor shock absorbers.

Let’s get behind the wheel. He punches you in the eye new 5″ TFT display with USB-C connectors, which should be more obvious than anything else. We see, the numbers look quite small again. Newly modified turn-by-turn navigation directions will be displayed here, and with a single button you’ll be able to call up to 10 favorite directions, or ten last dialed numbers, if the display is paired with your phone. On the controls, which you can still criticize for their plasticity, a warning flasher button has been added to the right.

The display is also related to the new electronics, of course six back. ​​​​The Advik R received a new ABS unit (Bosch 9.3 MP), which is of course adjustable, and when you choose the dynamic mode Offroad (and additional Rally) Offroad ABS is also switched on automatically, ie turning off the rear wheel and allowing more slip on the front. Previously, you had to turn off the antiblock separately.

The new KTM 890 Adventure R can be equipped with various accessories, including electronic ones, for an additional fee. These include cruise control, two-way quickshift or the full Rally and Tech packages. Nice features, but after all, they cost thousands upon thousands, and how does one know if one will use them at all? And this is what the new Advik R is thinking when it gives what is called Display Mode. What does it mean? That you have all the electronic extras available for the first 1500 kilometers to touch them, and then when they are deactivated, you will see for yourself which ones you miss and which ones you don’t. My guess is that most owners will end up with the comprehensive Tech Package anyway, as they will get used to the comfort features and not want to give them up, which is quite sneaky from KTM, but I still welcome the Demo Mode as a nice initiative to they weren’t buying a rabbit in a bag. I believe the new base version of the 890 Adventure, which KTM will introduce in a few days, weeks at most, will have the same thing.

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